My Oil Experience

As an herbalist, I have used a wide variety of brands of essential oils over the years for personal use, therapeutic value, and for use in my herbal products. I used everything from name brand oils to fairly good quality brands to things I found at the drugstore. I was pretty happy with my cheap, adequate oils for quite a while. I never saw a lot of therapeutic value, but they smelled nice.

One day my friend (and doTERRA Momma) stopped by my store "just so I could smell her doTERRA oils." Being forever curious, I sniffed them all. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!  Her peppermint smelled so much more like real peppermint than mine did! Her lavender smelled like actual lavender flowers, not like lavender-scented hand soap! And her blends, oh her blends!

I resonated with her oils on an energetic level. They just felt right! I had never, in my years of playing with oils, experienced anything like hers! Then she showed me the science.

The nerd in me, the perpetual student, the ever-enquiring mind was so excited about the actual facts and studies and chemistry backing up the amazing-smelling oils!

Then she told me about the co-impact sourcing. As an herbalist, I knew how important sourcing was for plants. As a big-hearted hippie, I love when companies put doing things the best way over their profit margin.

THEN she told me about the Healing Hands Foundation, and the millions of dollars they donate, and all the lives they touch!

I was sold, but I did my research. We met a week later and I signed up and haven't purchased another brand's oils since! My health has drastically improved, I actually see the therapeutic benefit of the oils and not just the smell (though, don't get me wrong, they smell great!). My handmade products are even more effective.

I have never been so happy with a product as I am with every single doTERRA oil, supplement, and product.

Now I use my oils for personal use, but also to help my clients take back control of their health and wellbeing, as well as their finances.

Oh, and did I mention the essential oils magic that is the Aromatouch Technique? That's a pretty spectacular facet of my abundant life!


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